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Hello Champions, we hope you have been well and staying safe while moving into the world again after the serious lockdown!

Our secret developer team have been hard at work to publish some great new features for you this week and we are proud to show you some of the great functions we can now all utilise on the platform. All of which will be easily available in the panel on the LEFT side of the website.

First up – the Private Groups function: 

  • Why is it great – this group function offers discretion for people that want to list needs that they would like to be private.
  • Try it out HERE, after you have registered, in our first private group.

Then we are on to the Think Tank Page:

  • Why is it great – this is a page dedicated to the free-thinkers, innovators and game-changers in our industry that have great ideas they want to share and turn those dreams into action!
  • Try it out HERE, so that we can help you build your ideas into plans that can assist many people in tourism OR so we can put you in touch with the right people to get you started on your business idea, action plan or just brainstorm that baby into greatness!

Next up we have the Newsfeed Page:

  • Why is it great – This is a page we specially created so we can share stories with each other – whether a success story of assistance offered, some great initiatives from our members or just a quick beach picture of your first swim after lockdown – this will be the page for that!
  • Try it out HERE, and share your stories, invite friends to join, offer great services or just send us a pic of your travel dreams and happy guests.

Then our new and improved Members Area:

  • Why is it great – well, besides looking gorgeous (thanks to the designers!), this is the area that any individuals can log in to see the profiles and possibly assist as Super Samaritans. This is also the area we will spend our time to connect with friends, send messages and build our community stronger so we can endure this Flippen pandemic.
  • Try it out HERE, to see what the profiles look like and add some friends, send messages or just see who’s new on Mzansi Tourism Champions.


tourism_champs_profile_pictureWe also need you all to test everything you can as this is the start of collaboration on the platform – so please click everywhere you can, follow any links, explore the platform at please let us know if there are any changes or improvements you can recommend. What would we be without YOU…?!!

Take your time signing up, most of us have a lot of time now, so tke it easy. Please add as much details as you can on the profile section and keep it personal as this is what can break down that distance barrier between people while we spend more and more time online these days.


This platform we are still busy building is aiming at bringing people closer together during times when technology is slowly taking away our human element in interaction.  Times are changing fast and we all know how valuable face-to-face discussions and meetings can be – but lets at least try to “keep it REAL” and engage online in a way that stays human…

We thank you for your time here and for thinking of the future of many in travel.

See you soon on the beaches, on the roads and in the stunning outdoors of OUR South Africa!

The Mzansi Champs Team

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