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A View of Tourism Lives Affected by Lockdown


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Will the Youth be a Mechanism for Opening our Doors Sooner? We think Yes

Thanks to one of our members - @erin-cusack Erin Cusack from Tourism Update - for this piece. We have been discussing this for some time...

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58 of Many – Youth Tourism is Key to Tourism Recovery

58 of Many Dear Youth Tourism Stakeholders, As the Vice-Chair of the SATSA Youth Chapter, I have been able to collect valuable data from 58 of...

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New Features To Try Right Now

Hello Champions, we hope you have been well and staying safe while moving into the world again after the serious lockdown! Our secret developer team...

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Mzansi Tourism Champions, version 2.0 is LIVE!

Mzansi Tourism Champions, version 2.0 is LIVE! Perfection lies in the process, not the goal - Unknown We're very excited & proud to announce that our...

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