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    5 months ago

    Hey everyone
    @celumusa just finished her tourism studies and is looking for tips and advice from our community on how to get her your company going… well done Musa!
    I think @giselap and @bhejaneadventures might have some info on starting up. Also @askkatie can assist with SEO and websites maybe?
    I’m happy to assist from @rocktheroute as well 😁

    Cheers to the weekend!

    #beatourismchampion #collabiskey #futuresforall

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    • @celumusa I’m super happy to help you with tips and advice on setting up marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media systems. Don’t worry, my time is free while we get through this crazy time – and I work with free systems!

      While setting up websites isn’t something I do a lot of, I can certainly share my experiences and the contacts I have. I’m also happy to review an existing site, SEO, etc!

      Let’s link up; I sent you a friend request!

    • @celumusa Hi! You are welcome to connect with me and tell me what you are planning to with your new company. I can guide you to useful resources how to start your own tourism company in SA.

    • Hello Ladies! @askkatie@celumusa@giselap
      How is this going? Thanks for your message Musa, I will respond soon.


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