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An Innovative & Integrated Support Network for Tourism Colleagues in South Africa. Share your stories & thoughts, write blog posts, list your needs or offer a service.

Why Join Mzansi Tourism Champions?

Mzansi Tourism Champions is an integrated & innovative network for tourism professionals in Southern Africa.

The main focus right now is to meet the needs of our colleagues that are without an income because of COVID-19. This can be done by being a “Super Samaritan” and donating small or large contributions to our members.

It is also a free private network for “Think Tank” discussions on how we can improve our industry, innovate for the future and collaborate to solve industry wide issues.


Why we created Mzansi Tourism Champions

In 2019, WE as South Africa welcomed 16.6 million visitors to our country.

Many of which used tour companies to experience the people and nature, hostels to get into the country’s local vibe, hotels and BnB’s to relax and sleepover and were met with friendly faces, hugs and smiles while enjoying the amazing offering we as a rainbow nation are known for.

Now, all of these people are without work because of the international lockdown measures, companies can not pay their staff and hostels and hotels can not keep their employees on.

Our Vision

Our aim is to find and develop innovative ways to support our awesome colleagues across various tourism sectors during trying times.

Our Mission

Through an honest online platform, we aim to UNIFY efforts, bring various parties together thus facilitating the distribution of donations and any form of help offered to people in tourism who can not directly benefit from the South African funds and schemes.

How does the Platform work?

Essentially the Platform aims to put two people together. Here’s an example:

  • Tom needs data for his work and posts this to his profile
  • Lizzy sees the post and has R100 available
  • She messages Tom and gets his details to buy him some data

Here’s another more discrete example:

  • Steve has not received a salary for 3 months and needs to feed his family
  • He posts this in the Needs for Assistance private group
  • Thandi sees his post and can assist him with a food parcel for 2 months
  • She messages him privately and sends him money or a voucher for a food parcel from their local shop

Easily create your  Beautiful Profile

On your profile you can list a need, join a group to offer assistance or offer a service as a trade and Champion the needs of others.

You can also write a blog about your South African Adventures… connect with other tourism professionals or freelancers and share success stories in the newsfeed


Latest News

See what’s happening in the world of our Champions, Partners, Initiatives and Tourism Profesionals

Thank you for being part of the solution and thinking of the future of many in tourism. 

Whether you want to make a contribution, have a specific need or have an idea you think can help many people, this is a platform to engage and connect with like-minded people. Whether you have a service to offer or a skill to share – we hope you find this platform helpful.
We’re always open for suggestions as this platform will be evergreen and always growing.
Mzansi Tourism champs

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